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 The story in linesقصة العناكب فى سطور The Spiders

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عضو نشيط

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تاريخ التسجيل : 25/09/2009

مُساهمةموضوع: The story in linesقصة العناكب فى سطور The Spiders   الإثنين ديسمبر 14, 2009 4:17 pm

1. The story opens with four foreign robbersلصوص أجانب

2. moving slowly with their land cruisers سيارة Towards an archaeological site موقع أثرى in a remote part جزء بعيدof the western desert الصحراء الغربية where there was a newly discovered tomb مقبرة which contained a treasure. تحتوى على كنز

3. They wanted to rob it using the most modern technological method (GPR).

4. They were exposed toتعرضوا لـ deadly spiders' bites عض عناكب مميتة inside the tomb.

5. They carried the treasure and left the site.

6. Robbers were found dead in the desert by a helicopter which was on its way to a transmitterجهاز ارسال in the desert which had a technical problem. عطل فني

7. The police arrived on the scene مكان الحادث and took them to

8. Hamdayya. (a town which lies south west of Cairo )

9. A big spider was hidden in the treasure. مخفي داخل الكنز

10. A young man called Ayman who lived next to the police

11. station saw the big spider near his house.

12. It was a big black spider with two yellow thick lines خطوط سميكة on its back.

13. The spider escaped to an empty house.

14. Ayman was interested in the matter الحدثso he used the Internet to identify يعرف this strange spider.

15. He sent an e-mail to Dr Shereen Fakhry at Oxford University who was interested in the matter.

16. Dr Shereen Fakhry discussed ناقشت the matter with Professor

17. Jones, one of the world's top arachnologists who, in turn,

18. became more interested in it.

19. After hearing the story he felt that this kind of spiders was very dangerous not only to Hamdayya or Egypt but also to Africa, Asia and Europe because Egypt is the meeting point of these continents. قارات

20. In Hamdayya, the professor met Ayman and his family. The police were informed بلغوا and they began to take their precautions.الاحتياطات

21. The police officer accompanied أصطحب professor and Ayman to the archaeological site taking with them protective clothes,ملابس واقيةmasksأقنعة and insecticides.مبيدات حشرية

22. They used the smoker to kill some spiders to identify them.يتعرف على

23. They became sure that these spiders were the same as the one that Ayman had seen.

24. It became obvious that the matter was dangerous.

25. The only medicine for the bite of such a spider was Echinacea Negra دواء خاص ببعض العناكب which can be extracted from استخرج منa plant that grows in Sinai.

26. Wafaa Sultan ( a botanist عالم نبات at Cairo University ) was asked to leave for Sinai to bring the plants.

27. The police tried to control the matter in Hamdayya searching for the female spider أنثى العنكبوتwhich was a thousand times more dangerous than the males.

28. They found that the female spider had laid about 2,000 eggs and they had hatched.فقست

29. The police sprayed رش the room with the insecticides.

30. After a long battle معركة with the spiders Ayman was bitten and was carried by an ambulance إسعافto the hospital.

31. The police could kill all the spiders exceptماعدا the female spider that escaped.

32. After a long struggle كفاح with the forces of nature, Wafaa Sultan could bring the medicine from Sinai which saved Ayman's life.

33. Surprisingly للدهشةthe female which escaped appeared in the hospital. It was about to bite Ayman's sister but bravely Ayman could save his sister.

34. Unfortunately لسوء الحظ the spider bit Ayman.

35. Fortunately,لحسن الحظ Ayman was not in danger because his body made anti bodiesأجسام مضادة against the bites.

36. Ayman got a great reputation سمعة as a national hero بطل who could save his country and the world .

37. He became a worldwide character.شخصية عالمية

General questions

1-How did the robbers go to the archaeological site?

2-Why did they go there?

3-What did they use to do it?

4-Why did they use the Ground Penetrating Radar?

5-What did they find in the room?

6-How did the robbers die? What caused the death of the four men?

7-Why did the helicopter fly over that place?

8- Where was Ayman's house?

9- Describe the spider as seen by Ayman.

10- What did Ayman use the internet for?

11-Why did Ayman send an e-mail to Dr. Shereen?

12-What do you know about professor Jones?

13- Who was Wafaa Sultan?

14- How could they treat the spider's bites?

15-Why did Ayman get a great reputation as a champion?

16- Show that Ayman was brave.

Complete the following:

1-The police could kill all the spiders except……………. .

2-The female spider had laid …………………………….. .
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The story in linesقصة العناكب فى سطور The Spiders
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